Bob Stone  Amtrak on Board Supervisor
A long time Amtrak employee joining the company in 1973.
I was hired on a private railroad car parked at the old  Miami,Florida Seaboard station on 7th ave.So were 109 other people.

I worked under every president of Amtrak.The company was only in business for 2 1/2 years when I was employed.
I worked out of the Miami FL, JacksonvilleFL, Los Angeles CA and Oakland CA crew bases.

I worked on the following trains.
The Floridian, Silver Star, Silver Metor, Coast Starlight, Sunset Limited, Desert Wind, Zepher and Southwest Chief.
I never had a bad trip on any train in 28 years!

I am the web master of the crew ten site.
Thank you, for stopping by enjoy your visit.


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