Efren Cuadro-Sleeping car train attendant
My assigned car is 430/330 depending on what direction you travel.
Did you know? On the railroads in the United States trains do not travel north and south only east and west.Odd number trains are westbound and even numbered trains are eastbound.
I am the 330 car attendant who helped the chief make a door curtain for the smoking room when there was a problem with the smoking room door.
Maybe I should not say this on the internet but our chief has two thumbs.He can not draw a straight line.I am very mechanically inclined our chief knows this and he gave me a large plastic trash liner and asked me to make a door curtain out of it.I also hung it over the door.To read more about this challange go to this link "Steve Grande"Southwest Chief Travelogue March 4,2001at the trainweb.com.
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