Robby's Model Train Photo Tour 1
I met Robby on the internet or should I say Robby met me.  Robby took the photos below at the California Southern Model Railroad Club.   He wants to become an Amtrak engineer after collage.

Robby's train below is the Southwest Chief.  The on board crew this trip is none other than crew ten
Robby is one of the passengers (guest) on board.  He has all his friends and family with him.
There having lunch in the dining car. One of the best things about model railroading is the train can be any train you want it to be. The train can go anywhere you want it to go.  The paseengers (guest) can be anyone you want  a hobo to the president of The United States to The King of Siam. So dream on and enjoy your ride on Robby's Southwest Chief.

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Engine 93 leading the Southwest Chief over a 225 foot wooden trestle through the snowy mountains of the west.

This is a photo of the southwest chief rolling down a shallow grade to the mainline (foreground).

The Southwest Chief leaving Colton on its way to Chicago.

This is a horseshoe curve. One of the only finished areas of the club layout so far.

The Southwest Chief is stopped on the main line due to a red signal.

Engine 93 speeding under a deck girder bridge with the name of the club painted on it.

 These are a few of my roadrailers making up the end of the consist. 

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