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This is a small part of the Paria Canyon's Vermillions Cliff's. It's located in South eastern  Utah and North central Arizona. This beautiful part of the Colorado plateau is located west of Page, Arizona.


Cabezon Peak is the largest of approximately 50 volcanic peaks found in the Rio Puero valley.Cabezon is derived from the spanish noun" Cabeza" which means head.The peak is over 8000 feet above sea level. and is surrounded by rolling grassy foothills and steep sided arroyos.
These volcanic neck's formed when molten lava worked it's way to the earths surface through sedimentary rock leyer's deposited millions of years ago by an inland sea covering this area. After the sea receded, erosion removed much of the softer sedimentary rock and exposed many columns of basalt. It is these columns that are now visible throughout the area.

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