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It's The winter of 2001.

Most of the photos below were taken from the engine while we sat in Chicago lumber street yard, waiting for the switch crew to add  mail and express to the rear of our train.Chicago has been and still is a major railroad center.Your going to see a lot of
trains go by.

A view from the cab at Chicago lumber street yard to the left.The Metra commuter
yard is to the right.You can see the Airline and 21 street bridge.

Train 4 the eastbound Southwest chief is backing down to Chicago Union Station.
The skyline of downtown Chicago is in the background.

A another photo of train 4 The eastbound Southwest Chief backing down to
Chicago Union Station.

This photo is our train number 3 adding the mail and express cars to the rear of the 
train at sunset.

Train 3 adding the mail and express cars at chicago lumber street yard.In this photo 
you can see the lights on on top of the sears tower.

Train 4 and 5 taken from the engine of train 3.

Another view of train 4 and 5

The engine of train 4 as it backs down to Chicago Union Station.The sears tower and 
the skyline of Chicago is in the back ground.

Wow! what a shot of the rear of a metra train.The headlight is 6 train from Emeryville,CA.

Train 6 is now passing us as it heads towards Chicago.

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