Mike's Train Trip Train 3 March 15,2001. 
My friend, Rich, and I recently traveled on Amtrak's Southwest Chief from Chicago to Barstow, California.  The trip started on Thursday, March 15, 2001, beneath rainy Illinois skies and chilly temperatures.

We also have a Coast Starlight Photo tour with commentary.
Mike and Rich Coast Starlight Tour.
RichRich "settled in"  his sleeping compartment -- while at Union Station in Chicago.  Traveling on Amtrak will put a smile on anyone's face!


But the moment we stepped on board the Southwest Chief, the "atmosphere" turned warm and sunny!  Crew Ten didn't just take us to our vacation destination -- you folks made Amtrak part of the vacation.  It was a wonderful experience, traveling with you across so much of the United States.
Sunset March 16,2001 as we travel by the beautiful Red Mesa.
A rest stop at La Junta,CO offered us an opportunity to get 
off of the train an stretch our legs.Rich and I decided to see the
engines and take some photographs.
My "train buddy," Rich stands in awe of it.
Engine at La Junta,CO

Washing Windows at ABQ,

 I was impressed that  the windows were  cleaned at Albuquerque A very nice touch . . .

This photo was taken climbing the Raton Pass near the Dick Wooton ranch.
My one regret during the whole rail trip was that it wasn't longer,and that the Southwest Chief arrived in Barstow a few minutes early.
Climbing the Raton Pass

Rich and MikeRich and Mike at Albuquerque,NM..

Rich occupation: runs a web and telecommunications 
consulting business.

Mike's occupation:  professor in a collegiate aviation department.  I'm also a flight instructor.  Yeah, I 
teach people -- ground and air -- to become pilots and airline managers.

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