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Were the first and only Amtrak on board service crew on the internet since March 2000!
March 2000-March 2007

This web site is archived only very minor changes have been made over the years.
Some of the crew members featured on this web site are no longer with Amtrak, but are forever part of Amtrak history.
Some of the outside links on this web site are inactive.
The food and services shown have changed over the years and are no longer current.  Please check with Amtrak for current services. of the Southwest Chief  is a WORLD FAMOUS crew, but is also a historic crew being 
the first and only Amtrak on board service crew on the internet even to this date.   Thanks for visiting
Mike's Summer Vacation 2006 Empire Builder 7/22/06
Mike shares his summer vacation with a photo tour from Amtrak's Empire Builder.
Empire Builder At Essex,Montana
Mike's Summer Vacation 2006 Empire Builder 7/22/06

Web master Bob Stone who has traveled at least 3,001,001 miles by passenger train,has made
his last trip on the Sunset Limited with crew number 5 on Nov 21,2003. 
This was a very special trip with a very special crew!  I no longer work in a travel position. 
My last trip! with Sunset Limited crew # 5
Who we are

Crew ten is one of eleven on board service crews who staff the world famous Amtrak Southwest Chief train number 3 and 4  We have a lot of pride in our company and it's mission to provide a first class National Railroad System in the United States.Members of crew ten have many years of experience working on passenger trains. Were based out of Los Angeles, CA. We hope you enjoy your visit to our crews web site.Please read  our guest book  it's very special.

Read a Special Tribute to Crewten  written by passengers Kathleen and Roger Slycord of Iowa 
Our train

Amtrak  Southwest Chief offers daily train service between the windy city of Chicago and the city of angels Los Angeles.The Southwest Chief travels through (8) very beautiful and scenic states.Illinois,Iowa,Missouri, Kansas,Colorado,New Mexico,Arizona and California for a total for a total of  2,265 miles end point to end point.The Southwest Chief is a major long haul train a part of Amtrak intercity western business group.We feature Superliner sleeping car,coach car,cafe, dining car and checked baggage service to most stations.There are a lot of wonderful people working on and around the Suthwest Chief. We invite you to travel with us on the route of the former Super Chief.

You never know who's on the train or what the chef is going to cook for dinner! Dining Car Menu
You will be taken beyond the employees only areas as we ready the train for service then serve our guests.
Guests who traveled on the train with crew ten,will be able to share the experience of their  train trip with family, friends and neighbors anywhere in the world via the magic of the internet. 
Mike Now has Five Photo Tours on this web site.

 Mike Southwest Chief Photo Tour 2001
Mike Coast Starlight Photo Tour 2002 
Mike New Acela Photo Tour 2003
Mike Rides The Downeaster
Mike's Summer Vacation 2006 Empire Builder
Mike Rides the Downeaster

       Photo credit John Turner........
This is  a very special tour!.. tour.html
  The Texas Sleeper 32111

     Photos taken from the train by both passengers (Guests) and crew!
Southwest Chief Main Photo Page

Philmont Scout Ranch 
The station stop of Raton, New Mexico is the closes stop to the Philmont Scout Ranch.
The link below is very helpful if your planning on going on this journey.
Everything you need to know about the Philmont Scout Ranch.
Nina Smith Operation Lifesaver   
Nina Smith *Operation Lifesaver*

The kids from Head Start West Las Vegas,New Mexico and Los Ninos Elementary School of Las Vegas, New Mexico receive a special operation lifesaver presentation on train 4 The Southwest Chief by Amtrak's Nina Smith.

Crew ten support's operation lifesaver,becareful around railroad property.

What's New?
Meet the crew
Former crew members
Southwest Chief Dining Car Menu
Photo tour
Gerald Pinto Indian lands tour
Engine Ride Photos

Pony Express
The Pony Express Private Rail Car
    Nicely appointed private rail car with a full bar and dance floor.
Private cars what a classy way to travel!

   The Train Source Inc Home Page

Page down for a lot more trains! .

Model Trains
There are many Southwest Chief's on model layouts through out the world.

 Peters Model Train From England

Maurice HO SWCMaurice HO SWC Model Train

model trainRobby's Model Train The Southwest Chief
Robby and Peter are model Railroad fans . Robby is building a model train of The Southwest Chief.
Maurice is also building a model train of Amtrak's world famous Southwest Chief.

Cheraw Wolverines
The school kids from Cheraw,CO traveled with us 
from La Junta,CO to Raton,NM. 

Engine Ride Photos Southwest Chief Route
Ride in the engine and get a great view from the head-end.
Kansas City, MO-Galesburg ,IL
La Junta,CO-Albuquerque,NM
Chicago winter of 2001
Some real nice photos taken from the engine in and around Chicago,IL
Photos inside the cab engine 125 (P42DC)

Gerald Pinto Native American Guide Photo Tour#1
Gerald Pinto Native American Guide Photo Tour#2
I was born and raised in New Mexico and live in Whitewater.(south of Gallup)
I've lectured for Amtrak,on the Southwest Chief since 1996 and look forward to 
furthering my studies on Native American history and culture.

From Johnny Knoxville
Johnny Knoxville's Acela Photo Tour #1
     Johnny Knoxville's Acela Photo Tour #2
Photos of the Acela equipment inside and outside.

.TrainWeb Home Page"Steve Grande"Southwest Chief Travelogue That Feature crew ten.
Mr.Steve Grande is the web master of a site I consider the best railroad site on the internet. I hope everyone enjoys visiting as much as I do.It's great!
Alvin Lincoln train attendant and Steve Grande
Mar 04,2001-Oct 03, 1998-Mar 26, 1998-Jun 24, 1997

Links found in that feature "The Southwest Chief"

Photo Tour by Ron from Upstate New York
I am a Programmer Analyst, Specialist  and I burned a disk
of my entire journey from New York State to California Cool!
New photo tour Redondo Los Angeles Union Station.

Grand Canyon Tour from the Raley family late summer 2000

                     Click on photo for a better view and photo tour from N.Smith TA. 

.Union Station Washington


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 Web site for contacting government officials for the purpose of continued support for
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.San Diego-El Centro Blue Angels Tour
My daughter and I ride the Pacific Surfliner to San Diego,CA.
We went to the naval base at El Centro,CA.To visit a friend who's in the Navy and
see the famous  Blue Angels.

Flags from every country that viewed the crewten web site 2001